• Happy Solstice!

    December 21, 2012

    It’s the darkest day of the year today. Each day following the Solstice brings us a little more light. I’ll welcome the light while appreciating the darker days that allow for quiet reflection and some fallow time to help reinvigorate the creative fires. These darker days of December found me in the kitchen baking, packaging, labeling and baking, packaging and labeling. It’s been a fun ride through the piles of flour and sugar. Thanks to all who purchased my treats this year and offered words of encouragement or simple sighs of satisfaction upon consumption. I will be adding more cookies in 2013 as I welcome light back into our days. Stay tuned for more chocolate and more gluten-free treats.

    After the fair at DaVinci, I set upon filling and sending out corporate gift boxes. See some of the finished product below.

    Cookie Tray

    Gift boxes

    Final gift box stack ready to go

    Hazelnut brownies looking for a good home.

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