• One Tomato, Two Tomato

    October 11, 2012

    I am in thrall to my two humble tomato plants that have bore generous scarlet fruit this season. I finally made some room in my front yard for my first tomato plants! I get a crazy amount of joy watching each green firm fruit turn into a blushing sweet mini-meal.

    The deeply ridged, double-wides are the Julia Childs, and the perfectly round red tomatoes are Goliaths. Both are delicious, but the Goliaths are my favorite. I slice them and sprinkle with sea salt and pepper and voila! nothing more is needed. They also found their way into cold tomato soup, tomato-gruyere-red chard gratin, salad and every sandwich that has passed over my cutting board. I am amassing a small sea for canning.


    A double-wide


    A bowl of plenty


    September’s bounty


    Blushing beauties

    I did end up canning 4 jars! of tomatoes. A modest amount for my first yield of love apples, but it was satisfying. Thanks to Wendy for acting as my Extension agent and fielding my calls during the afternoon of my project. I ended up forgoing cooking the tomatoes down before canning. My thinking was: I wanted to create the sauce with the raw materials in the middle of winter. The result was this:

    Not so attractive, but! I opened up one jar to see if the canning alchemy worked and voila! they were fine. More than fine. I sauteed garlic and onion in olive oil and added the tomatoes, spices and sundried tomatoes and cooked it down for a few hours. I ended up with a deeply flavorful marinara. However, next time, I will labor prior to the canning and boil down the tomatoes and ‘put up’ the marinara. If only to stock my larder with attractive jars.



























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